Missions of the Committees

Membership Committee

  1. To promote the growth of the organization.
  2. To maintain and promote the nurse's rights and benefits.
  3. To be entrusted from the institutions, professional groups or nurses with nursing practices and consultation.
  4. To assist in maintaining public health and social welfare. 


Nursing laws and Regulations Committee

  1. To explore the current nursing system and problems, and provide suggestions and potential solutions to authorities concerned for consideration.
  2. To participate in relevant meetings on nursing policies and regulations so that the rights and benefits of nurses can be secured.
  3. To promote communication with appropriate authorities to help members solve disputes.


Nursing Researching and Development Committee

  1. To promote academic exchange among nursing professionals.
  2. To issue publications for nursing profession.
  3. To manage nursing-related external research contracts.
  4. To organize training workshops and conferences for nursing profession. 

International Affairs Committee

  1. To promote interactions among international nursing organizations.
  2. To conduct international visiting programs related to the nursing profession.
  3. To provide nurses with information concerning international advanced studies and working opportunities.
  4. To compile data files on international activities of the nursing profession.
  5. To develop and provide nursing educational activities for nurses in collaboration with international professional scholars and experts.


Public Relations Committee

  1. To improve the positive portrayal of nurses by building a strong relationship with mass media.
  2. To promote the professional figures of nursing.


Nursing Profession Development Commitee

  1. To promote nursing and related profession developments and provide management consultations.
  2. To establish nursing organizational structure and provide inquiries.
  3. To manage nursing manpower resources and assist professional placement.
  4. To preserve rights and benefits of staffs working in nursing institutions.
  5. To provide professional training for healthcare providers and related personnel.


Financial Commitee

  1. To compile an annual budget and financial accounts of the association.
  2. To review and audit the annual budget and budgetary execution.
  3. To analyze financial situations and to offer suggestions.
  4. To manage the association's property.


National Health Insurance Nursing Policy Task Force

  1. To discuss policies related to health insurance, to formulate opinions and provide suggestions to the authorities concerned for consideration.
  2. To actively participate in health insurance related conferences and strive  for rights of nursing practice.
  3. To analyze the payment systems of  health insurance and develop the reimbursement of nursing services.
  4. To provide member information and consulting services of health insurance.
  5. To nurture professionals in health insurance policy. 

Nursing Workforce Policy Task Force

  1. To participate in the research meeting and discussion related to the nursing manpower policy.
  2. To promote the establishment of a nationwide nursing manpower database.
  3. To establish monitoring indicators for nursing manpower.
  4. To monitor and analyze the status of supply and demand of nursing manpower and develop related policies.
  5. To research and discuss the configuration policies of nursing manpower in medical institutions and to be the reference for the health authorities.
  6. To carry out the additional matters related to nursing manpower as assigned by the Board of Directors and Supervisors.


Long-Term Care Policy Task Force 

  1. Focus on the law of supply-demand (Service resources & ‎human resources) for long-term care service and assist to develop the comprehensive health and social care policies.
  2. Assist to give advice to establish the standards for the quality control of long term care service.
  3. Assist to prompt consecutive long-term care model to become more comprehensive service.
  4. Assist to give advice to develop these key issues by designing and improving the laws and policies for making long-term care service more comprehensive and affordable.
  5. Provide long-term care information and consultation services for every member.

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